To my dearest,

I believe the definition of what society understands sane to be is distorted. Because I have Bipolar Disorder, I am automatically considered crazy or insane, which is untrue.

The stigma is so great associating the “norm” with Jane is almost an oxymoron. Jane is known to be a general name, widespread and associated with acceptance.

I always wondered why unidentified women were titled “Jane Doe”. From my understanding,

“Jane Doe” is not important; ignored then forgotten with no voice of advocacy. The very same as those with mental illness.
— Paige Gaines

Although much has changed in recent years, the stigma lingers with ignorance.

As an African American, I can say we are the most to deny “Mental Health” as a real issue; let alone a disease. Of course, this is from our history, but the number of young people dying cannot be ignored.

Much fear of speaking out hinders the movement of progress in saving the lives of our people.

It is bad enough we are dying by our own, but authority figures as well. I can only speak for myself and the life I fight to keep every day.